My series “In The Crowd” is a passion project spanning over a few years and a couple of cities. The core of the project is capturing live music and energy at concert venues and festival grounds. This series offers a glimpse into the global phenomenon of concert culture. Through my lens, I aim to highlight not just the performances of artists but also the fan experiences. Each image shows a shot from ‘in the crowd’ whether it be the performer, a fan decked out for the concert or a crowd of people. While the book primarily centers on shots of artists in their element, it also features a select few fans who embody the spirit and devotion that characterizes live music. Throughout the pages are handwritten notes from fans, sharing their heartfelt reasons for attending shows, a touching tribute to the deep bond between artists and their audiences.

Tory Hutchings


I am a lens-based artist, I specialize in live music and events through digital cameras. My photography aims to capture each event’s essence while glorifying community, and the power of live music.