“Interwoven” is an immersive installation that explores the complexity and richness of the Filipinx-Canadian diaspora experience. Through a series of video projections on balikbayan boxes – a term in Tagalog translating to “return to one’s country,” and a potent symbol of connection, longing, and love for the homeland – the installation tells the story of Filipino immigrants in Canada and the items they send home. 

These boxes, often containing daily necessities, personal mementos, and Canadian items, serve as a lifeline between the two cultures, embodying the hopes, dreams, and struggles of a diasporic existence. The installation invites viewers to interact with the videos, which depict the items both in their original state and in use, offering a deeper understanding of their significance. 

Projected in the background are scenes of Toronto city views, juxtaposing the bustling Canadian landscape with the intimate narratives encapsulated in each box. The ambient sound further immerses the viewer in the experience, bridging the physical distance between the Philippines and Canada, and weaving together multiple threads of stories, identities, and experiences. 

“Interwoven” is not just an installation, it is a journey through the intricate tapestry of the Filipinx-Canadian diaspora, highlighting the resilience, adaptation, and intercultural exchange inherent in the immigrant experience. It is a celebration of the unique blend of Filipinx and Canadian cultures, and a tribute to the strength of connections that remain unbroken, despite physical distances.

Alex Manalo


As a creative visionary and versatile artist, Alex Manalo has developed a unique focus in videography and digital art. This is evidenced in her ability to translate abstract concepts into visually captivating experiences. Her work is characterized by a blending of traditional and digital mediums, resulting in immersive installations that engage audiences on multiple sensory levels. She is particularly adept at capturing the nuances of cultural narratives, creating spaces where viewers can explore and connect with complex societal themes.