“Friend in the Shadows” is about showing how unaware people are of the world around them and the dangers it brings. This piece was filmed and photographed for three months. The majority of that time my “victim” was unaware of being photographed and that I was a couple of steps behind her. I waited outside of classrooms, lecture buildings, and her dorm. Walked around her campus to get a better idea of the space. Cyberstalked her various social media platforms, and her friends. Just to replicate what the obsession is like for a stalker. The storyline of this piece is that the stalker is following their friend whom they have known since high school, and is perceived as not a threat. This work takes place in the stalker’s bedroom. This installation is an immersive experience, look around the room where the stalker lives and the items they have collected because of their consuming passion. The photos are a mixture of portraits and landscapes. Videos were taken inside her dorm at various angles, and outside while she was living her life as normal. How far I could go being a shadow in someone’s life without legally committing a crime or being stopped by passersby. That is something you should bear in mind when looking at this piece.

Ayodele Gilpin


Ayo is an interdisciplinary artist. Her mediums of choice are photography and film—her interest is making storylines come to life through installation. She aims for viewers to live through her pieces. She steps into the world she creates by stimulating aspects of the real world, so they can experience viewpoints different from their own. She strives to think outside the box. Embracing differences is something she hopes to achieve.