What's On

A black and white image of Eden in the middle of the frame, surrounded by a dark sky. Her hair is blowing in the wind, and she gazes off past the camera lens.


To be perennial is to persist; enduring and recurring continually, perhaps even infinitely. As artists and creators, our practices follow suit as they are constantly evolving and re-emerging throughout seasons and time.

This exhibition contains the thesis work of image arts students on the second and third floor of the building.

this photograph is a close up detail shot of two people's hands linked by their pinkies. The hand to the left is wearing a silver ring on their middle finger. The hands are at waist level and the overall colour scheme consists of warm browns and greys.


Intertwined reminds us that despite our differences, we are all part of a more extensive, interconnected web of beautiful and fragile life.

This exhibition featuring the work of third year photography students takes place on the first floor of the building.

Open Call

A curated selection of photography, installation, moving image and digital arts displayed all throughout the building. Undergraduate artists from all years and disciplines of study are showcased.

Maximum Exposure takes place at the School of Image Arts located at


This map displays the various shows within MaxEx. We will also have a map displayed on the first floor and clear labeling throughout the school to guide you.

Land Acknowledgment

It is important to understand the longstanding history that has brought us to reside on this land known as Tkaronto and understand our place within its history. 

This land we reside on carries with it imprints of its past. We as the students of Toronto Metropolitan university acknowledge this past and stand in solidarity with indigenous peoples and the deep wounds they carry. The present and future stewardship of this land, we hope will be one of equal opportunity, equal bounty and respect. 

Tkaronto is in the dish with one spoon territory. The dish with one spoon territory is a treaty between the anishinaabe, mississaugas and haudenosaunee that bound them to share the territory and protect the land. Subsequent indigenous nations and peoples. Europeans and all newcomers have been invited into this treaty in the spirit of peace, friendship and respect.

As we work to heal our communities, in shared responsibility, we encourage our viewers to donate to and support grassroots indigenous organizations to continue this advocacy.