This is a story about the raw, unsculpted essence of childhood. The title, translated as “Raw Mud” or “Clay,” mirrors the moulding and shaping of our early selves by the world around us. Through my experience and universal truths, Kachchi Mitti navigates the nuanced interplay between memory, emotion, and identity. 

It serves as my cathartic expression, allowing me to confront and forgive the unpleasant memories of my upbringing in a dysfunctional family. Despite moments of resentment and feeling unsafe in what should have been a sanctuary, I’ve come to understand the deeper complexities of human nature and the world. 

The metaphor of clay underscores the fluidity of our identity growing up. Like clay, it’s malleable to the gentle pressure of our hands. Embracing imperfections in my upbringing fostered empathy toward my parents, not just as parents, but as people. 

Kachchi Mitti is a reminder that we all carry our past traumas in our pockets and leave some of it in places of healing. So, I’m leaving some of mine here and hope to have a little less of it tomorrow. With this, I am acknowledging the past, giving it a nod of acceptance, and taking a resolute step forward into the unknown. 

“I see you, past, I’m okay with you, and I’m excited to see what’s next.”

Tarangini Nair


Tarangini Nair, a versatile vernacular photographer and visual artist hailing from Delhi, India, draws inspiration from her cultural roots. Exploring personal histories and the human condition’s complexities, she captures the significance within the seemingly mundane. Transitioning from Editorial and Fashion photography, her lens now focuses on everyday life, driven by her belief in storytelling’s connective power. Her art is a reflection of her journey, her experiences, and a belief in the ability of storytelling to foster connection and transcend boundaries.