Individuality is a complex concept for some to grasp. It is a word that means much more than autonomy; it is a condition of the mind. Growing up as a twin, I was never entirely an individual. I became well-accustomed to the support of close-knit bonds that directly influenced my being. Thus, my personal development and self-perception came through the relationships I held. 

My Twin was the most significant influence in my childhood. Her presence acts as a glimpse of my past. She expands my existence and directly reflects parts of my childhood. Together, we make up two sides of the same coin. Her being has gifted me with the unique experience of a shared life, endowing me with the serenity of sisterhood and the warmth of our two-person community. Her guiding light allows me to understand my past and examine my being, from a place of pure comfort. 

As I entered adulthood, I met my current partner. While sharing similarities with my twin, our relationship gifted me with self-awareness. His presence serves as a mirror, directly reflecting the positive and negative facets of my being. Through him, I have found space for transformation and growth, free from judgment and standards I have previously held myself to. By understanding the complexities of embracing a person outside the family unit, I am forced to understand my behaviours and how they affect those around me. Thus exposing facets of myself that I had ignored previously. 

As I reflect on the essential roles these relationships have played in my life, I can’t help but feel as though I am still grappling with a sense of incompleteness. A part of myself that I must fill independently. My relationships have allowed me to become who I am today, but now it is time for a new chapter in my life—a moment where I am truly an individual.

Sidney Haqq


Sidney Haqq is a lens-based artist currently located in Toronto, Ontario. Her work considers her place in the world, centralized on themes of introspection, relationships and self-identity. Through her exploration of self, Sidney visualizes her mindscape into actuality, providing insight into how she makes sense of the world around her. Her work bridges her perception and the world, allowing onlookers a safe space to contemplate their own realities and place within the world.