Blueming is a fashion editorial that surrounds the idea of personal growth, where it is necessary to endure hardships and sadness in order to grow and bloom into the person you want to be. Blueming weaves the words “blue” and “blooming” together, where blue represents sadness and the negative connotations of the colour and bloom represents growth and the possibilities of blue being seen in a different light. My project explores this union of words and encapsulates the dual nature of blue, symbolizing both melancholy and the potential for growth. The phonetic resonance of “blue” within “bloom” serves as a metaphor to illustrate the necessity of navigating negativity to realize positive transformation. With blue being constantly seen in a negative light, my project questions the conventional notions of blue and shows how these negative sentiments associated with the colour can turn into positive ones too, similar to how challenges and adversities can be turned into lessons that we can learn and grow from. 

My project presents itself as a visual narrative of personal growth, emphasizing the imperative nature of enduring hardships to flourish into one’s authentic self. The series follows the journey of an individual “blueming,” showcasing the transformative process of persevering through adversity and embracing personal development through the use of color, garments, and the environment. 

Photography & Creative Direction: Selina Chea 

Model: Christie Wang 

Fashion Stylist: Maryam Shah 

Hair Stylist: Jashin Sran 

Makeup Artist: Maddie Yung 

Set/Prop Designer: Brenda Quynh 

Assists: Mamoundu Mardis-Chatwin, Jason Le, Abby Smith

Selina Chea


Selina Chea is an emerging fashion and portrait photographer based in Toronto, Canada. With a passion for image-making and an innate eye for detail, she creates diverse and inclusive fashion and beauty images, capturing what she sees as beautiful and empowering. Her work reflects a harmonious blend of technical prowess and creative flair, capturing moments that tell engaging stories of empowerment and representation through unique and high-quality images.