Sabrina Dewes

A portrait of a woman with her eyes closed, yarn flows from her eyes to the bottom of the photograph

Dissonance means disharmony between two elements that sometimes leads to conflict. This piece is inspired by the complexities of decision-making and the troubling reflections one goes through to come to a conclusion. One’s thought process may not be composed but somewhat scattered and disorderly therefore, with the use of yarn as ‘Mind’ and the human subject as ‘Body,’ Dissonance visualizes the experience of internal conflict. As Mind and Body shift, interact and manipulate each other in an attempt to find compliance, what gets left behind is a fluctuating path. There is no intended starting or ending point; Dissonance calls for viewers to read its path on their own and travel alongside Mind and Body throughout the piece. This piece is part of a larger series that comes together into a web of interconnecting images that can be seen with the QR code provided.