Rushing through the works

Rohan Jani

This photo depicts a man wearing athletic clothing running through a field on a bright day. There are houses behind him and brown leaves that cover the grass he is running on.

Running through the Works is a collection of images that reflects what some might call the excessively hectic and busy life of myself. I’ve always been someone who puts work and progress over other aspects of my life despite always hearing the words, “take a break for once”. So these pieces may act as a point of reflection or a reminder to take it easy every so often at least. The photographs capture a few of the many activities I perform on my average day. Some of these include; triathlon training (running and cycling), running businesses, 3D art, editing, and rollerblading. I didn’t want to over dramatize the images so I took these photos as if I were performing the actions for real. The working title of this project is Rushing through the works on account of myself trying to expedite my way through the thick and thin of life, sacrificing a portion of my life in order to reach a satisfactory level of success.