In “Natural Containment,” I explore the repercussions of human expansion on natural ecosystems. As humanity’s footprint expands, wildlife and pristine landscapes are increasingly confined to shrinking spaces, leading to habitat destruction, degradation, and fragmentation. This project serves as a visual exploration of these challenges, highlighting the urgent need for conservation and sustainable coexistence between humans and the natural world. Through digital artistry, I aim to create immersive “human preserved natural-scapes” using Blender software, incorporating elements of photogrammetry, photography, and animation. Each scene features an industrial container juxtaposed with a glass window, offering viewers a glimpse into preserved natural habitats, including meadows, jungles, grasslands, coniferous forests, deserts, wetlands, tundras, marine environments, coastal regions, and savannas. Alongside the scene itself, some of the details within the scene such as the two empty seats represent a lack of human care as even two people couldn’t be bothered to show up. The reason for all of the pipes and visible “smoke/fog” in the scene is to represent the rising levels of emissions within the atmosphere which humanity is largely causing/living with. Imagine a world where the only way to view wildlife and certain habitats was within human controlled spaces.

Rohan Jani


Rohan Jani is a highly skilled digital artist specializing in 3D design, video production, photography, and animation. His works encompass a wide range of creative mediums, reflecting his versatility and proficiency in the digital arts field. 

Noteworthy is his distinct inclination towards nature themes, showcasing a deep-seated passion for ecology and wildlife. This thematic choice adds a unique and compelling dimension to his artistry, captivating audiences with his exquisite portrayal of the natural world.

Renowned for his innovative approach and attention to detail, Rohan Jani continues to push the boundaries of digital art, creating visually stunning pieces that resonate with viewers on a profound level.