Hush is a series made about severe anxiety over the years through multiple long exposure and collage works in 2023 

.My first tetany attack felt like death. Out of nowhere, I felt dizzy, my extremities were tingly, and the noises around me became more and more muffled. All I could hear was my heartbeat racing faster and faster, to the point where I thought my heart stopped. I kept asking people to make sure I was still alive and was in a complete state of hyperventilation. My muscles all started contracting and it felt as if I had no power over what my limbs were doing. With a visit to the hospital, I started to slowly calm down. It took me a few hours to feel like a real person again. I had never felt so exhausted, I was completely mentally drained. For the next few days, I had cramps all over my body from my muscles tetanizing.

Olivia Gentil


Olivia Gentil is a Toronto photographer from Bordeaux, France. Through her individual eye and life story, she portrays the world with colorful abstract and street images, keen to show as much of her world as she can. Her experiences traveling and experimenting with newfound ways of editing an image have made her photography original and true to herself. As her experimentation continues, many different aspects of the art world old and new inspire her every day.