For two hundred years, the City of Hamilton has been known for its growing industrialism, making it one of the largest industrial centres in Canada. At its root are 156 waterfalls, both beautiful and rich with history, which jump-started these industries, providing power to several mills throughout the 1800’s. 

Today, Hamilton’s thriving industries and its waterfalls are entirely separate elements. Many of the waterfalls are now visited as recreational attractions. However, many people are unaware of their hidden histories. Through this project, I have brought the two elements back together, revealing the detailed histories behind the falls. 

Through my own photographs, I have documented five individual waterfalls and their surrounding areas as they are today. Furthermore, archival photos paired with each fall reveal the development or lack thereof, of the land now compared to what it was two centuries ago, while also revealing hidden stories through smaller details. 

In past displays of this project, nine pieces of lightweight flowing fabric hung from the ceiling, providing an immersive experience for the viewer. While walking through these images, the viewer would quite literally have to see past them, to reveal the additional layer of history being conveyed by the photos on the wall. It is these layers of history which are not normally recognized, being obstructed by what is right in front of you.

Nicolette Lytle


Nicolette Lytle is a photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. Consumed by her drive for adventure, Nicolette is always looking for new ways to combine her passion for photography with her constant want to explore and learn more. Through her projects, she often takes on a documentary approach, exploring locations rich with history. Nicolette also loves aviation photography, urban exploration and anything that can take her on a little adventure.