Infinite Reflections explores the connection between our body and mind. This piece is based on a neurological experience that distorts your perception and reality, primarily when a bacterial infection is present in the body. When our bodies are in such a state of emergency our mind takes over warning us it is in need of care. It takes the familiar moments in our life and disrupts them, forcing the body to rest.Through this experience, I gained a fascination with the true power our minds can have over us. Although scary, It is a complex yet beautiful way our mind is trying to protect us by telling us we need to heal both physically and mentally. Infinite Reflections, uses sound, imagery and colour to create a space that explores the effects of this condition while also representing the idea of sitting with discomfort. The use of colorful and close details visuals of what once was a recognizable moment in time becomes a complex distorted reality. By using a mix of audio and visual stimulation the viewers are welcomed to immerse themselves into the space, becoming a part of the piece and resting in it. Whether it be their shadow on the wall or the projection on their skin, the viewers are asked to become apart of the piece and embrace the discomfort that comes with it. Infinite Reflections consumes the viewer with its repeating imagery and womb-like structure creating a space where you must face each moment even when you try to walk away from it, it pulls you in and keeps you wondering. It is a testament to the body’s ability to take control. It is a reminder to listen to ourselves and embrace the unknown even when it becomes so unfamiliar.

Natalie Haas


Natalie Haas is a lens-based mixed-media artist primarily located in Toronto Ontario. Natalie explores the lens medium through her unique use of the exhibition space. Through the use of sculpture, projection, and material, the white box into a space that welcomes the viewers to play.  Her work is colourful, abstract, and intimate while exploring themes of mind,  body, and human connection. She welcomes viewers into her complex world as she navigates her way through it.