We all go through our normal lives without thinking about the unique things we do that so many would consider fascinating. This project aims to show one of the jobs that we gloss over. Millions of people live in the GTA, yet few of us ever need to experience the worst nature can throw at us in this environment. This work showcases the work of the Toronto police marine unit – a unit that stands apart from the rest of Toronto Police in my experience, and which does incredible work to maintain the safety of commercial and recreational boaters in Toronto. 

I have been working in Toronto’s Waterfront Lifeguard Service for the past half-decade and I have been able to witness first-hand the work these people do – my program even used to run out of their division. I have seen this unit rescue drowning victims, respond to medical emergencies, save dozens of unlucky people being swept out to sea, and brave the worst conditions I have ever encountered to do so. This project shows this service and brings their hard work to light. I am documenting a job that I believe few know about, but we should all be thankful for.

Miles Mosher


Miles Moser is an upcoming photographer, videographer, and sound based artist in the GTA. His creative works always have stills, often incorporating elements of sound design or other supplemental sound-based materials. He believed that sound augments the visual experience, adding time and value to the moments spent with his images. He is constantly experimenting with new ideas and working on building real-world happenings in his work.