Mikaela Gray

This photo consists of a skyline view of a city during sunset but is distorted by a digital glitch effect over top. The sky is a warm blue, orange, and yellow and the glitch is multicolored.

The series called Febrile embodies Mikaela Gray’s experience with epilepsy from when she was a child. Febrile is a type of seizure that can result from a child having a high fever. The result of a seizure varies from person to person. However, a seizure is ultimately movement, shaking, or loss of consciousness in the body due to an electrical burst in the brain. Seizures can be caused by a multitude of reasons, such as concussions, fevers, strobe lights, high or low blood pressure, and can be passed down genetically. It is often the case that the person doesn’t remember anything leading up to or during a seizure.

However, the artist does recall one instance where prior to having a seizure, she saw bright, colourful lines going through her view of the window she was looking out of. The artist has ,based her series on this vision to create a sense of an altered state of mind. Mikaela Gray
photographs cityscapes, portraits, and lights and edits her images to create an optical illusion of what one might see directly before going into a seizure. The artist plays with ideas of looking directly into light, dizziness, and the experience of seeing spots before fainting.