This series of photographs attempts to visually represent the sensations and feelings that people may have while meditating. 

A huge part of the practice of yoga is meditation and calming the mind, arguably this part is more important than the physical practice of movement. There is so much philosophy and learning that goes along with the yoga practice. The goal of meditation is to calm the mind and not allow thoughts to pass through. In ancient texts regarding Raja Yoga, we learn about Samadhi. Samadhi is a deep state of meditation where no thoughts or egos are left in the person’s mind, just consciousness. A person who has reached Samadhi becomes divine and completely liberated, they continue to live in the regular world, however they become almost disconnected from the earth. A person can only take part in Samadhi after they have achieved total and absolute concentration during mediation. This is a difficult task to achieve with our minds busy and thinking all day long; it takes a lot of practice but is something to work towards. 

In my own practice of meditation, I have felt vibrations of lines or circles going through my arms and chest, and sometimes see glimpses of colour, even while my eyes are closed. Other people sometimes feel their bodies lifting, the backside of their body becoming disconnected, or their limbs moving into other positions. Temperature changes such as becoming hot or cold can occur, and seeing colours such as rose gold or colours that may allude to the 7 chakras. 

Across this series of images, I have tried to convey visions of colour, as well as different sensations that someone meditating may experience. Through the use of colour, rippled backgrounds, different fabrics, and props, I try to translate the feelings and perceptions of a deep meditation. The bright colours in the photographs allude to the 7 Chakras, which we can sometimes see in meditation. They are within our bodies and can weaken or strengthen within our lives.

Mikaela Gray


Mikaela Gray was born and raised in Vancouver BC. After she found her passion for photography in high school, she finished a 2-year program at Langara College. She then flew across the country transferring to TMU. Mikaela enjoys photographing in the studio and looks forward to working in both the photography and design industries. As a dance and yoga instructor, she loves working with other creative people who share her excitement for movement and art.