Matteo Forgione

The photo depicted is in black and white and is taken of a man in a dress coat facing away from the camera holding a backpack in one hand and a tote bag in the other. He is standing at the corner of a street as bright streetlights fill the photo.

When creating a photographic series centered around the notion of identity, it gives the opportunity to represent individuals in a way they have never been seen before and gives them a voice. For my series Seeing Double, I created twelve portraits of different individuals who show two forms of who they are, one on the outside and one on the inside. I wanted to focus on the concept of “don’t judge a book by its cover” and take the idea of showing who we are on the inside quite literally. To showcase my message, I cut off the top of the individual’s heads (just below eye level) through the use of Photoshop and had something that represented that person on the inside coming out from within them. I had each person decide how they wanted to be depicted on the inside and I wanted to remove the eyes as we can be quick to judge based on someone’s appearance. I hope that viewers can relate and resonate with the series and the concept.