This photo series draws from my experience growing up in a predominantly conservative and suburban setting as someone, who came to express their identity through clothing and fashion. My aim for the project is to effectively capture the enchanting aspects that lie within the ordinary facets of suburban living. 

This photo series delves into groups of friends as they navigate their daily routines in a suburban setting. The collection of images blends fictional elements with autobiographical ones through a series of scenes. I’ve been contemplating the intriguing link between location and creativity. While suburbs have often been perceived as lacking inspiration, I’ve worked to transform this seemingly mundane backdrop into the stage for a compelling narrative. The series is envisioned as a sequence of stills extracted from a play, where the audience is introduced to a diverse set of models and subsequently witnesses their interactions unfold across various scenes. 

The essence of this series is rooted in authentic tales from my neighbourhood, alongside imaginative scenarios that have occupied my thoughts since childhood. 

Creative Direction: Olivia Graham 

Photography and Editing: Olivia Graham 

Stylists: Sofia Tentellini & Rem & Olivia Graham 


Sofia Tentellini 


Zander Clay 

Caitlin Graham 

Aiko Tomi 

Josephine Dao 

Real Bain 

Mekhi Arthur 

Jahrell Teodoro 


Shae-Lynn Mason 

Arjun Kaira 


Caitlin Graham 

Tory Hutchings

Olivia Graham


Olivia Graham is a Toronto-based fashion photographer pushing the boundaries of her craft by exploring the intersection of technology and fashion imagery. Her goal is to create work that transcends reality, inviting viewers into a world where mixed media elements blend seamlessly with fashion aesthetics. Through her innovative approach, she crafts visually captivating images that challenge conventional perspectives and inspire imagination.​​​​​​​