The Vulnerable, The Man, The ‘Me’ delves into the depths of my psyche, presenting an introspective journey through a series of self-portraits. This series is built upon two juxtaposed ideals I held at a young age due to my family dynamic with an emphasis on the lack of a father figure. The clash in question was the fixation on toxic masculine traits to assert my manhood despite not having a father figure to learn from. Conversely I felt the disdain of this ideology which clashed with my own vulnerability and need to be seen. Both of these ideals are characterized through dramatic self portraiture which then culminates in images that reflect myself in the present day, having come to terms with these thoughts and being appreciative of the “me” now. These ideals are conveyed through playing with posing reflective of reclusiveness and need to be seen, aggression through the toxic masculine, and the serenity found in embracing my present state. In weaving this narrative, my aim is to foster a space of compassion and self-love amidst the tumultuous journey of adolescence.

Kamerin Busquine


Kamerin Busquine is an emerging artist born and currently located in Toronto, Ontario. Kamerin’s work stems from his love of portraiture and capturing stories regarding the myriad of human experiences he comes across. These stories can range from personal anecdotes to more documentary practice for stories outside his own perspective. As his career progressive Kamerin hopes to continue his record keeping of humanity through his images and hopes to explore more themes in his work.