Kennedy Soong Bouchard

Shot of a 2 and a 6 balloon floating in water.

Celebrating birthdays in your twenties is supposed to be a fun time full of parties and excitement over each coming year.  Lately, I have been struggling between the excitement I should be feeling, and a desperation to feel younger again. This overall dread of getting older is the main theme that I followed throughout my series.

Twenty-Six follows to main ideas, the desperation to feel younger, as well as the inability to stop myself from feeling old.  In this series, I have included three different classic childhood birthday party scenes that I interact with.  Each of these scenes follows the idea of constantly trying to create childlike moments, desperately striving towards feeling youthful.  But with each scene there is a different form of disconnect, my inability to find that youthful feeling that I yearn for.  The push and pull between longing to feel youthful but continually feeling old is a concept that I kept in mind throughout creating this entire project.