The Thread that Binds Me is a photobook commemorating my significant milestone of reaching five years cancer-free in 2023. In December 2018, I underwent invasive surgery to remove a three-pound tumour, as well as my right kidney. For many cancer patients, hitting the five-year mark of clean scans marks a momentous achievement, and this series of photographs serves as a celebration of my good health. 

In the aftermath of my cancer diagnosis, I grappled with the task of managing my ever-changing emotions. There were instances where I felt resilient and empowered, mixed with these moments where I felt like my whole life was stripped away from me. Embracing the non-linear nature of healing became a crucial theme for this book, much like the ever-changing seasons in nature. Just as trees flourish in spring yet endure barrenness in harsh winters, this book delves into the delicate balance between reveling in good health and confronting the traumas of a challenging diagnosis. 

Throughout the inception of this project, I found myself captivated by the symbolism of stitches. During my surgery, my surgeon meticulously stitched my wound, sparking my fascination with exploring how I stitched myself back together—both literally and metaphorically—during my healing journey. As I mend my emotional wounds, I was inspired to weave my narrative into a hand-bound book. The act of personally stitching my story together served as a tangible manifestation of my journey over the past five years. Though gradual and demanding, the result is a testament to the beauty inherent in my battle. 

In its entirety, this book encapsulates a pivotal chapter of my life. Incorporating elements of nature and skin, it reflects the essence of this present moment while poised to endure and flourish in the years to come. Amidst reflections on my journey, The Thread that Binds Me symbolizes the resilience and unity that sustains me through adversity.

Kennedy Soong Bouchard


I, Kennedy Soong Bouchard, am an award-winning photographer based in Toronto. Having personally experienced cancer and living with chronic illnesses, I am driven by a strong passion to empower others facing similar challenges. My focus lies in supporting women, chronic illness warriors, and service dogs, intending to help them rediscover confidence and see the beauty within their bodies.