Dual Tendency

Justynn Roque

A man with long hair in dreadlocks is facing the camera head on, gazing into the lens. His face is covered with a white powder as some falls off his face the moment the photo was taken.

This series questions the duality of the human condition. What makes a human evil? Is there such a thing as an evil human being? Is the villian made or born? We all try to deliver acts of kindness from the good in our hearts, however we always seem to receive temptation when evil takes over, even if it is just for a second. This series is inspired by the novella Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the works of Dieter Appelt. Both of these inspirations involve the concept of good versus evil. The images are a performative presentation through the human expression questioning the evilness of the human being and its existence. With developing ideas around the human expression, the artist uses a performative aspect to deliver an exaggerated sense of how he feels towards the human condition. The artist continues to use a studio environment to control dramatic lighting to further emphasize his thoughts and feelings. This photo series was a guidance in defining how human beings result in evil and why we manage to stay that way.