The project serves as a personification of my artistic identity across various passions and disciplines, made up of photography aspects, fashion design and construction, with my experience modeling. Dual Exposure consists of two main components, a reversible garment and the mannequin. With the multiple mediums being used and exhibited in this piece, it encompasses the abilities and knowledge I have as an image maker. 

On the reversible garment, the side with black fabric is covered with abstracted production equipment, to emphasize the hidden complexities of digital production. On the reverse side, white fabric is embellished with patchwork representing the fashion industry. Along with self portraits embedded within the patchwork, the series of images conveys a variety of self expressions which I replay in my personal style and when I am in front of the camera. The mannequin is covered in printed images of my skin, with exposed pieces of the plastic mannequin. The exposed plastic contributes to the process artist’s take through the evolution of their art and themselves as a person throughout their career and life. The objective is to create and exhibit a physical representation of my full rounded knowledge from both sides of the lens.

Eve Violet Hannon


Eve Violet is an interdisciplinary artist, currently based in Toronto who specializes in image creation. The work expresses their passions at the intersection of makeup artistry and fashion. Eve provides an individual perspective from their time in the modeling world, crafting a multifaceted artistic identity which combines the knowledge of being in front and behind the lens. With an eye for aesthetics and a dedication for creative expression, Eve navigates the realms of multi-media and hybrid art forms, infusing her work with a distinctive blend of innovation and personal experience. Growing up as a dancer, the human form has always been an interest and photography has allowed Eve to continue their interest in the spectacle of the human condition. Their work contains themes of their own experience and perspective, as well as commercial still life and portraiture.