Captured Innocence is a long term personal documentary project photographed and authored by emerging interdisciplinary artist; Ife Aboaba. Narratives created by exploring the nuances of multigenerational living In a domestic space while navigating a new role as “mother”. Paired with a selection of thematic prose. The image selection seeks to find the beauty and intimacy in the banal while taking special care to protect the identity of the child that is the center of this family. In the age of social media, we are in an epidemic of over exposure and exploitation of children’s personal information. This project aims to document the lived experience of young motherhood in an authentic way while taking into consideration the ethics of consent and how it complicates this body of work.

Ife Aboaba


I am a multidisciplinary artist  based out of Toronto, Canada. I work primarily as a portraiture photographer. I am interested in socially and politically informed documentary work as well as traditional art practices.