When one thinks about the concept of reality, they often turn to what their brain and body can perceive. How can something be false if we can see it, hear it, or feel it? Upon further analysis on this question, it is clear that many things can alter our perception of reality, especially in the current digital age and with the rise in access to sensory stimulating substances. Even so, it can be hard to distinguish fact and fiction when the body is experiencing these changes in perception in real time. 

Botanical Ecstasy is a multimedia installation that mixes themes of reality, transcendence, and psychedelic imagery. It uses projected visuals and sounds to create a space that transports the viewer into an out of body experience. Upon the walls, there are large scale images of recognizable, but still abstract flora. Projected on top are colourful animations that warp around the image, bringing the psychedelic imagery to life. With all of these elements, the goal of the project is to simulate a psychedelic experience without the actual use of reality altering substances.

Elizabeth Tang


Elizabeth Tang (they/them) is an emerging Hong Kong-Canadian artist based in Markham, Ontario. They specialize in abstract and conceptual work that highlights different textures, details, and senses. They hope to use their work to create sensory experiences and highlight both the LGBTQIA+ and Asian communities. Additionally, they take interest in documentary and event photography, abstract video work, and occasionally model for their peers in their spare time.