A collection of photos which documents Toronto’s public artwork scene as well as the censorship that works against it. The intention for this piece is to display how people can use expression to help accurately communicate their emotions and experiences with others, with the intention of creating a community of people who are aware and understanding of others’ situations and the effects they may have on that individual’s life. This project takes the form of a fifty page photo book accompanied by fifty digital photographs. The photo book works in three steps, the first being a celebration of public art and free form expression. The second being a transitional phase, and the final step being a display of what a censored Toronto would look like, lacking all colour and form. The transitional phase is defined by the display of human intervention that takes place as an individual is scrubbing paint from a wall surface. This matter is important as we as humans have no natural way to transfer senses or emotions to one another, we can only show how we feel through creation and reducing such creation is only increasing a community’s ignorance.

Dylan Alexander Myhal


An artist who is driven by his desire to capture emotion through the camera. Working specifically with digital photography, Dylan shoots street photography, commercial still life, and editorial content. Making use of a flat, geometrical, style of photography which focuses on context, textures and shapes.