The plant needs purpose, needs water, needs sunlight, and with the lack of even one of those, it slowly dies. The woman also needs purpose, needs to nourish, needs to speak, and with the lack of them, she slowly erases. In the Womb of Nature intertwines female-presenting individuals with elements in nature to explore how they connect with one another. As the series progresses, the figures blend into the environment and are forced into nature’s role, just like how women are forced into society’s roles. As women have been granted by nature the role of carrying and delivering children, she immediately is expected to fulfill the responsibility of the caregiver. She provides nutrients to sustain the human body she has carried. A tree in her natural habitat has the ability to provide for those of her kind around her. When she dies, she leaves behind excrements of herself to grow another and fertilize those around her. 

In the Womb of Nature portrays the environment as a consumable vessel, reeling in its desires and bringing like to like. It is then discovered that it is in a woman’s nature to be needed by those around her.

Diana Gumbs


DiDi Gumbs is a multi-interdisciplinary artist who explores the photographic styles of editorial, conceptual, and fine art practices. She often incorporates characteristics of the environment while focusing on aesthetics and colour palettes. In addition to working primarily in the photographic field, she implicates other artistic mediums into her digital work, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and film.