The Grand Hotel of The Nether World

Ziwei Zhao

The Grand Hotel: The floating red ghost floats in front of the neon-lightened traditional Chinese palace (The Grand Hotel of The Nether World), with shallow water, light breeze, and fill-light coming in from the right side.

As an artist, I am deeply fascinated by the intersection of past, present, and future, and how different cultural elements can be reimagined in a futuristic context. In my latest artwork, I have created a rendering of a cyberpunk-styled traditional Chinese palace and figure, which I titled “The Grand Hotel of The Nether World.” This piece is an homage to the rich cultural heritage of China, while also exploring the potential evolution of traditional aesthetics into a futuristic cyberpunk world.

The Red Ghost in the artwork is inspired by classical Chinese clothing, with metallic and reflective texture, but reimagined with cyberpunk elements such as glowing LED lights, mechanical augmentations, and futuristic accessories. This fusion of traditional and futuristic elements represents my vision of how ancient elements and traditions may adapt in a technologically advanced future.

The palace in the artwork is a reinterpretation of a traditional Chinese palace, elevated to new heights of technological advancement. The palace stands tall as a symbol of the Chinese traditional culture, yet it is also a reflection of the changing times and the integration of technology into every aspect of our lives.

Through this artwork, I aim to provoke thought and dialogue about the evolving relationship between culture, tradition, and technology. I also want to explore the concept of how technology can be a tool for progress with the potential to both preserve and alter cultural heritage.

The Grand Hotel: The half-sci-fi and neon-lightened gigantic statue of the GuanYin (Chinese mythological figure), with shallow water, lighting strikes, and eight floating spheres spinning around the base.