The Grand Hotel of Netherworld (酆都大酒店) is a CGI animation project that is essentially established based on traditional Chinese mythology. It inferences Eastern philosophies, and mythologies and specifically talk about the conception of death, reincarnation, immortality and filial piety. 

The Grand Hotel of Netherworld reveals the journey of a dead young man who struggles to go back to see his mother. Through the journey in the underworld, this film introduces the mysterious system of the Netherworld. Following the protagonist’s adventure, the protagonist pays the price of losing reincarnation to meet his mother for the last time and say goodbye to her. 

In the conceptual aspect, this film discusses the philosophy of death and immortality. It aims to question that death may not be the end, and immortality may not be a truly good thing. In Eastern philosophy, death is both the end and the starting point. Countless reincarnations seem to mean something, but will be the final goal? Immortality, on the other hand, is more of a punishment or a curse in a way. No end means nothingness, but isn’t it another kind of death to exist in nothingness?

Ziwei Zhao


Ziwei Zhao is a 3D artist whose practice mainly involves CG animation and Mixed Reality. Through deconstruction and reconstruction, his recent work seamlessly blends traditional Chinese mythology with modern digital expression. In the conceptual aspect, his recent work delves into profound themes of philosophy of life and death. Employing advanced techniques like Cloth Simulation, Motion Graphics, and Character animation, Ziwei’s creations transport audiences into mesmerizing worlds where ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge technology.