As we continue to expand our environment, others must adapt while theirs dwindle. 

Through exploring human impact on the natural world, this virtual environment experience follows a coyote forced to adapt to an environment that becomes increasingly urbanized and unrecognizable from its habitat. 

The goal of this project is to illustrate the influence of human existence and urbanization on the natural world—more specifically native animals, and how their livelihoods have become almost completely dependent on our interactions and use of the environment. 

My main inspiration for this project comes from the existence of predatory animals in my neighbourhood that have become threatened by human existence and loss of habitat. I often walk my dog late at night, and almost every day I see coyotes—sometimes on their lonesome, other times in groups of two to three. Coyotes are meant to be naturally fearful of animals larger than them. Still, as they adjust to human presence, they become increasingly less threatened and feel more comfortable approaching, especially when moving in packs. Although many consider them pests, this is their home, and they have no choice but to live and survive amongst us.

Vanessa Eusebio


I am a digital media artist based out of Toronto, Ontario. My work is primarily focused on exploring the potential of video animation, graphics, and video game design in various creative settings. My work combines components of the natural world with those of the digital, with an emphasis on how our lives affect the environment, wildlife, and other elements directly impacted by human existence.