Nurtured Curiosity

Sophia Markelj

Fish Eyes: A middle-aged, medium-light skinned man is holding a dead fish up to his eyes in each hand. The man is wearing a white collared shirt with a navy blue sweater vest on top, looking directly at the camera.

Nurtured Curiosity is a photo series reflecting on how the feeling of curiosity is passed down from one generation to the next. Through my father’s inquisitive nature, he nurtures skills of perception and introspection in his children. This trait, however, is also being passed down to the youngest child in my family who watches my father’s every move with his own childlike curiosity. By playing mind-juggling games like chess, he is developing the skill of foresight and strategy. In this photo series, I wanted to examine how a nurtured curiosity such as this has become one of our family’s most valuable strengths.

Checkmate: A young light-skinned boy is sitting at a table playing chess. There is a middle-aged, medium-light skinned man's arm in the bottom right corner of the photo. The man is moving a chess piece in the middle of the board with his right hand. The table has scattered chess pieces and newspaper on it, with a blue and white stripped table cloth. The young boy is looking down at the chess game with both hands to his chin, and a concentrated look on his face. He is wearing a white collared shirt with a blue sweater vest on top.