Sidney Haqq

This photograph is a close up detail shot of two people's hands linked by their pinkies. The hand to the left is wearing a silver ring on their middle finger. The hands are at waist level and the overall colour scheme consists of warm browns and greys.

Interconnected is a photo series that captures the relationship between my romantic partner and I. This series is an exploration of the unique backgrounds and cultures that we come from and their effects on us both individually and together. Looking at the similarities and
differences between our parents’ relationships as well as our family environments creates a space where I am able to have a deeper understanding of ourselves. It allows for introspection. The upbringings that we both come from establish the roots of our relationship; it moulds us and develops space for growth within each other. This foundation allows us to have a shared balance and regard for each other. By reflecting on each other’s pasts, we are able to have a deeper understanding of ourselves as individuals and therefore expand our relationship.

Through the lens, I am expressing the truth within our relationship; it is vulnerable and tranquil. Muted tones and the use of natural light construct a sense of nostalgia within our ongoing relationship. While viewing the series, it feels as though it is a glimpse into our relationship, continuously developing and contemplating on itself. The series acts as a mirror, reflecting our past to each other while also revealing our present. Our individuality connects us and makes us whole. While understanding my partner and his past I am able to understand myself in a new light that cannot be seen elsewhere in our relationship. Ultimately this series allows us to truly see ourselves in each other.