Dear to Me

Olivia Gentil

The photo depicts a pair of hands holding a seashell in each hand. The seashells are colored pink and blue. The surrounding part of the image is blurred, solely focused on the two hands.

This project shows the emotional attachment people have to physical objects. Each person has a story behind these objects, whether it reminds them of someone or of a story that is keen to them. Most noticeably, all these objects are very different; it varies from jewelry to
handmade gifts. It is not about what it is but about its meaning. Their value is not counted by monetary purposes but solely by emotional attachment. Each photograph portrays the subject’s hands in order to show the feeling of attachment that person has to the different objects. One can learn a lot from a person’s experiences and who they value through the simple act of sharing something dear to them. Each person that is a part of this series was able to be vulnerable and share these objects and stories with the viewer in hopes to encourage people to do the same around them.