Concealed Identities.

Nicolette Lytle

This is a black and white photo of a girl at a close up angle. She is standing behind a crinkled sheet of honeycomb packing paper which obscures most of her face. There is a hole torn out of the paper revealing one of the girl's eyes with a portion of her cheek and nose.

This project is based around Concealed Identities. Within this series I took an indirect and conceptual approach to capturing a common concept in today’s world. Through this series I am bringing attention to the idea that people don’t show their full true selves much of the time. Largely with social media, people tend to put on a sort of mask which allows them to filter out what they wish to show others. This also allows people to distort the realities of their life, as they only portray the best moments. Many people even do this in real life. They have the option to select which sides of themselves they show to certain people. Essentially, you are the only one who ever really knows your entire self. To represent this photographically, I created this series of portraits in which each model is distorted in some way. Some images include the model standing behind a translucent material, while others involve elements of digital manipulation. Through both techniques, the viewer is never seeing the model in full, in their natural state. This prevents the viewer from seeing the entire face of the model, therefore concealing their entire identity.