Jesse Bostick

Sabrina, a woman with black hair stands in the middle of the photo holding a light-pink old-school telephone that is shaped as a pair of lips. She is brightly lit and standing in a room with multi-colored Christmas lights and a red chair slightly behind her.

Pose is a portrait series capturing staged images in a party environment with the intention to challenge the viewers’ interpretation of the authenticity of the contemporary photograph. With the inclusion of props selected by the subject from objects within the photographer’s home, the subject’s consciousness of outside influences can be analyzed through their selection and interaction with the object. By the photographer pulling subjects aside briefly in a busy party environment, a moment of intimacy was created that highlighted the genuine interactions had during a party. With the pairing of selfies taken by subjects throughout the evening, a clear distinction can be made between the creation of a portrait and a selfie, providing a comparison of how others view the subject versus how they see themselves.