Frozen in Time, Fading in Mind is an exhibition meant to visualize the experience of attempting to recall old memories and the struggle of important life moments fading over time. Through the eyes of artist Jesse Bostick, this work allows viewers to experience the “foggy minded” sense that many people who have experienced loss at a young age may feel. After his dad moved to Alberta with his brother when Jesse was 5-years old, both passed away shortly after when Jesse was 8-years old. Now 22, around the same age when his parents met, Jesse finds himself struggling to share some memories of his childhood as their fading has been accelerated by the trauma associated with the events. While Jesse has many images from family photo albums that help preserve his childhood memories, in this series he also takes on the challenge of recreating some memories by revisiting some of the notable locations he remembers spending time with his family. These images are displayed behind a drape to realize the experience of mind fog, and also shown alongside a selection of objects that connect Jesse to his family.

Jesse Bostick


I am a photographer focused on architecture and landscape. Through my work, I enjoy exploring a variety of social justice and political issues such as homelessness, access to childcare, and the redeveloping of public land, particularly Ontario Place. Outside of my art practice, I also work with Canon Canada as a Photography Instructor and do freelance product photography for online auctions and estate sales.