“Things I Can’t Say” is an immersive exploration of identity, vulnerability, and self-consciousness, drawing inspiration from influential artists like WhtMakesYou, Were Not Really Strangers, Geloy Concepcion, and Rosanna Jones. Through a fusion of scratched still photographs and mesmerizing video narratives, this exhibit serves as a mirror to concealed vulnerabilities and societal personas. Each deliberate scratch on the canvas echoes the marks we carry, beckoning viewers into a compelling journey of self-discovery. 

The project integrates contemporary technology and social media platforms to provide a comprehensive platform for understanding and expression. However, the vision evolved into a more intimate approach—five prints accompanied by looping video narratives in a pristine white gallery space. The central question in the videos, “Tell me a time you were vulnerable and what was happening. How did it affect you?” forms the crux of the visual exploration, bridging the gap between shared experiences and accompanying images.

Jason Le


Jason Le is a Toronto-based digital creative with a passion for photography. Specializing in portraiture, landscape, and urban photography, He seamlessly blends digital and film mediums to capture captivating images. His journey in photography began in the Image Arts Program, where he honed his skills in photo editing, studio lighting, and creative practices. Further enriching his craft during his exchange at London South Bank University, He is constantly expanding his horizons. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, he is now venturing into video production, aspiring to become a versatile image maker capable of delivering visually stunning work across various digital media platforms.