My Croatian culture has always been something I have been proud of, but never truly felt part of. Having grown up in Canada and never learning to speak Croatian fluently, I have always felt a slight disconnect with my roots. Over the past year, I have deeply immersed myself in my culture, using photography as my tool. 

The framed image is a selection from my series Skoro Doma (Almost Home) 2023. It documents the community and younger generation at the Norval Queen of Peace Croatian Church in Halton Hills, Ontario. My aim for this series is to showcase the deep-rooted love, passion, and care that exists in our culture, while also highlighting this integral space that serves as a “home away from home” for the community. 

Mi Smo Doma (We Are Home) 2024 is an exploration of my family’s history and immigration journey from Croatia to Canada. This series exists in a photobook, allowing each image to be in conversation with the next, lending itself beautifully to the idea of interconnectedness, lineage and history. 

I have crafted both series in a way that feels warm, genuine, and inviting, allowing the viewer to be fully immersed in the culture- in the same way I can happily say I am starting to be now.

Amelia Sopta


Amelia Sopta is an emerging photographer based in the GTA, focusing on creating lifestyle and documentary work. After graduation, she will go on to complete a Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media. Her recent projects have explored themes such as cultural and self-identity, familial bonds and human experience. She is extremely passionate about visual storytelling and eager to take on new projects.