L’Anima Doppia explores confessions of assimilation, tradition, and identity of the Italian-Canadian immigrant. Through the eyes of Michelina and Guiseppe Di Tiello, the collection of images illustrates the domestic nuances of everyday life for the kin, utilizing traditional relics of the Italian-Canadian collective. The work serves as a visual testament to their resilience, the sacrifices made to better the lives of future generations, and the cultural metamorphosis which unfolded through the act of immigration. Through this exploration, I navigate the complexities of my own identity, grappling with the coexistence of my Canadian upbringing and the fading traditions woven into my Italian familial history. Through a series of intimate yet docile photographs, I explore the tangible and intangible threads that connect generations of family, bridging the geographical and temporal gaps that separate us from our ancestral roots. Through the lens, I seek to capture the nuanced emotions embedded in the immigrant experience—the bittersweet nostalgia for a homeland left behind, the triumphs and tribulations of forging a new identity, and the unspoken wisdom passed down through the generations.

Alec Boyle


Alec Boyle is an emerging photographer living and working in Toronto, Ontario. Approaching the world through a documentary lens, his practice is channeled through lifestyle portraiture. The photographer’s work explores themes of identity, belonging, and human connection, encouraging viewers to reflect on the complexities of their surroundings. His imagery captures the essence of urban life, inviting contemplation on the complexity and diversity inherent in everyday moments within the vibrant cityscape of Toronto.