Comfort within the Threads

Alec Boyle

A photograph of someone wrapped in a blue sheer fabric, their hand grasps the fabric and their face is partially visible behind the fabric

Fabric has an undeniably intimate connection to our lives; from the clothes we wear to the blankets we wrap ourselves in. It becomes a tangible representation of our experiences, a physical manifestation of the moments we hold dear. As we age, these fabrics become even more precious, a way to hold onto the memories that shape who we are. As one evolves into adolescence, the common condition to search for sentimental value begins. Searching within the domestic, many find comfort within a tender object, a blanket, sheet, or drape. Comfort within the Threads aims to illuminate the nuanced identity of those who long for past sentiment, yet are forced to exist and thrive within the present time. An attempt to visually articulate the phenomenon of mental metamorphosis into early adulthood. The collection attempts to emanate the often-overlooked condition of anticipatory anxiety. Specifically, how affected individuals cope through the assuagement of sentimental fabric.