Selina Chea

Two women, one sitting the other standing with her arms over the shoulders of the other. Their hands are intertwined with yarn looking away and at their hands. Both women are wearing white and the yarn is both yellow and pink.

This series, Intertwined, explores the idea of interconnectedness between individuals.

There are many instances when we encounter the same people in our lives or discover someone who knows a person we also know. We are all connected via this invisible web of social networks. Social bonds can be formed that last a lifetime or those we meet may just be passing by in our lives. However, we may be fated to meet again later on in life.

This series includes images of people in my life who have come to know each other through their relationship with me or that I have come to know through my relationship to each of them. By producing images of people interacting with strands of yarn and with each other, I hope to emphasize this idea of connection. Throughout the series, they start to connect and intertwine with each other until the very end, where the red yarn comes to unify all of them into a single network. The red yarn draws inspiration from the red string of fate, where people connected by the red thread are destined to be in each others’ lives, regardless of place, time, or circumstances.