Chosen Family

Olivia Salerno

This photo depicts two arms interlocked with dove necklaces hanging from their hands, one longer than the other. The arms are in front of an olive green background.

Chosen Family, is a series of photographs that capture the dynamic between myself and my two longtime best friends named Abby and Jordan. This series displays the concept of having a chosen family while also showing the different aspects of the friendship. Your chosen family are the people you reach out to when you want to have a good time, but they are also the people you may go to when you need support during difficult moments. Through the use of a variety of styles of photography such as studio portraiture and black-and-white photography, the images display a number of different elements within our friendship. Such elements include our regular carefree dynamic, as well as occasional moments of somberness. As a close friend group, we are able to improve each other’s moods simply by spending time together and being there for each other. Although this series is a representation of my relationship with my best friends, Chosen Family exhibits how surrounding yourself with the right people and developing a close bond with them can become a very important part of your life.