Dreams are a subject I’ve always wanted to delve into in my art, due to their vividness and ability to blur the line between reality and the dream world. The dream world is a place where messages are often conveyed, and for some people, past dreams can be mistaken for real-life memories, a phenomenon known as “dream-reality confusion”. Our memories are not flawless and can be influenced, to the point where dreams can significantly change our understanding of real events. 

Lasting Memories is inspired by the dreams shared with me by my family members following the death of loved ones, where they would often recall dreams about the deceased from the night before, detailing their conversations, appearances, and the unfolding events. Our protagonist, Jay, dreams of sharing a final moment with a loved one who has, unbeknownst to him, unexpectedly passed away. Set in Jay’s dream, the film traces his preparations for a dinner with his loved one. Though we only see Jay, it’s clear that he’s engaging with someone off-camera. As the plot unfolds, Jay communicates his gratitude for their shared meal, oblivious that it’s their final time together. His loved one’s spirit finds him in his dreams before her passing, crafting a lasting memory that will forever be associated with her. 

To enhance the themes in the film, I’ve projected dream-like imagery onto clothing and furniture, creating an ethereal atmosphere. These objects, often holding memories of their former owners, became canvases for scenes of nature and past memories, all rendered in a dream-like aesthetic. This piece asks: What is your most profound memory when someone passes away? Lasting Memories explores how our final memories with someone can come from our dreams and leave a lasting impression.

Millicent Amurao


Millicent Amurao is an emerging multimedia artist based in Scarborough. Her work is a reflection of her upbringing which focuses on sharing the untold stories from her community that capture unconventional roles and hardships of ethnocentric families. As a storyteller, she utilizes mediums such as video and installation work to portray these narratives. Recurring themes in her work include resilience and representation. As a Scarborough-based Filipina artist, she aims to provide viewers with a relatable narrative and encourage others like her to follow their artistic ambitions.