Revelations Within is an intimate look into my personal deconstruction from religion. Taking shape in black-and-white prints inspired by “The Seventh Seal”, Revelations Within is a confession. Growing up Catholic, the concept of Hell always scared me. Death was something I was constantly thinking of. When I started to question the existence of God later in life, I often thought to myself, if I don’t believe in God, will I go to Hell? This question lingered in my mind, leaving me with an unshakeable guilt. I had this feeling that my relationship with God was ruined by these thoughts. It felt safer to believe despite having no sense of faith. In my mind it was either that or Hell. What if God was real and this mistake of letting go cost me my soul and sentenced me to eternal damnation? This is my confession. Not to God or to the Church but to myself. Confessing all the fear and doubts I’ve had throughout my deconstruction, the shadows and engrained crosses represent the deep-rooted guilt I still feel today.