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Highways are the veins within the circulatory system of Canada, pumping four wheels of high speed metal across its arteries. The Trans-Canada highway sits at the centre of this network. Nestled alongside its concrete paved shores are pockets of human activity; communities and towns that exist, thrive, and die within its ever-moving institution. They are the towns that lie briefly outside the passenger window, in an instant gone within the rearview mirror. These locales are but a brief thought on the travelers mind, where the crushing speed of the highway removes the slowness and intimacy of local life. The winter salt and soot laden roads rust the underbellies of its axle bound carriages, where town after town is passed with merely a glance. Through the use of panoramic photography, but a thought in the rearview mirror aims to document and preserve these pockets of community split and subverted by the Trans-Canada highway – with intent to clog its arteries, slow traffic, and spend time within the fleeting places often left to bask in our exhaust.