As a filmmaker, I’m always very curious about the line between what makes a person good or bad. Within this film I wanted to explore the idea of self defence vs cold blooded murder and answer the question of if this person was right in what his actions are.  

In the 1990s, when a drama student called James murders his fellow classmate, Richard, he experiences emotional turmoil regarding the incident. The moment after it occurs, James runs into his bathroom and he recalls the words exchanged and the physical fight that went down on that one fateful evening. As he recalls the event, he tries to wash the literal and figurative blood off of his hands. His guilt builds and builds as he combs through each detail over and over again until it comes to a grinding halt. As James remembers more and more of the incident, he considers if maybe, just maybe, Richard deserved what he got? And if that realization maybe makes him something of a Shakespearean hero?