For the Love of Kennedy

Kennedy Soong Bouchard

This photo consists of sixteen photographs organized on a white background. Each consisting of a person or dog, smiling or making silly faces to the camera. Every background is one of the following colors; pastel purple, pastel blue, army green, dark orange, peach, light magenta, lime green, blue, orange, turquoise.

This series of photographs features portraits of six loved ones, as well as myself, where I have dressed them in my likeness. This was inspired by and has led me to think about how you can see little bits and pieces of yourself in the people with which you are surrounded. The main concept for this series came from a place of self love and confidence; I love my personal style and I was interested in lending some key features from that style to other people. Although it seemed to be mostly a vanity project, it was really interesting to see how the ones I love have shaped the person that I am today, and vice versa. When you spend enough time around people that you love, you begin to pick up bits and pieces of their personalities and sometimes even their style. Whether this be through adopting certain mannerisms, catch phrases, or makeup aesthetics. I see myself in all my loved ones, and I also see little bits of them in what shaped me as a person.