Storms and Butterflies” is a series around the notion of imagination that reflects my psychological interpretation of how I see change and growth. I used the theme of imagination and change to represent specific stages in life and the adversities that may be faced. By creating surreal environments through the use of Photoshop, I use imagination as the embodiment of growth and struggle by depicting a gradual progression of self-awareness and perceptual change. The development of imagination will ultimately represent the struggles that may be faced as one goes through adversities and darkness, but there is always hope and a choice to balance the two. These images do not reflect my own experiences growing up but it depicts my phenomenological view on how I perceive the notion of growth and imagination. 

My vision for this piece is for viewers to connect and relate to my imagery as I represent greatly exaggerated aspects of everyday life such as responsibilities, the pressures of societal standards, self-efficacy, and more. Even though we all experience the world differently and have our interpretations based on our experiences through life, I want these stories that I create to spark a memory and find a relation between the viewer and my work.

Isabella Della Penna


Isabella Adele Della Penna is an emerging photographer, photo editor, and cinematographer based in Toronto driven to take on new challenges and experiences. Isabella is developing her skills in several different styles, specifically portrait, surreal/conceptual digital art, and commercial photography.  

She has technical skills in many Adobe software programs such as Photoshop, Indesign, etc. She also has working experience in 3D software, specifically Blender. She aspires to grow as a photo creator and digital artist.