In Sidewalk Surfing, I delve into the vibrant and dynamic world of skateboarding, seeking to capture the essence of this unique subculture through photographs. This project is an homage to the diverse community of skaters, the energy of skateparks, and the captivating moments when skaters push the boundaries of gravity with their awe-inspiring tricks. More than just a sport, skateboarding is a lifestyle and a form of self-expression, and through conversations with skaters, I’ve uncovered personal stories and shared passions. This series intends to capture the raw and unfiltered beauty of skateparks—the central hub where these conversations unfold and where skaters test their limits—and it also freezes moments in time when skaters are in their element, defying gravity with flips, grinds, and slides. These action shots not only showcase their incredible skill and athleticism, but also serve as a testament to the fearless spirit that defines skateboarding culture.