Blur is an exploration of the intricate relationship between Toronto’s physical environment and the dynamic life that unfolds within it during the night. The image series is built on a vibrant visual style that captures the unique ways in which individuals traverse and interact with the city’s concrete landscape, shaping and contributing to the distinctive nightlife characteristic of urban space. 

These activities and interactions that shape the night are illuminated by various light sources, from the headlights of vehicles traversing the city streets to the radiant glow emanating from the cityscape itself. These lights serve as symbolic representations of the city’s endless motion, an aspect that can be captured through the lens of a camera. 

The images that make up this series were created using long exposure techniques and layering multiple exposures, both in camera and Photoshop. This process brings the urban scenes to life in a manner that is both vivid and lifelike, capturing the essence of the city uniquely.

Connor Leck


I am an emerging photographer based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in commercial products and portraiture. While in school, I worked freelance with brands like Epidemic Sound and Apex Fitness apparel, photographing product lines and assisting with lighting for social media shorts.