Where to Now?

Charlotte Lai

This photo consists of a mirror placed on the ground in a rock-field as a woman with blond hair walks along the rocks beside the mirror.

Where to Now? is a series focusing on my growth and current relationship with my near-lifelong struggle with anxiety. My anxiety manifests in a way that makes me feel like I’m constantly being perceived and looked at. With the goal of bringing as little attention to myself as possible, I avoid eye contact and try to reflect my surroundings in order to blend in. The mirror in this series is a physical representation of these ideas of perception. It is a barrier that the model uses to obscure herself and reflect her environment back to those around her.

This series is an ode to the growth process and seeing the beauty in learning to cope with your struggles. Anxiety is something that I’m living with, and it’s not going away any time soon. Growth is something that happens in its own time and in a non-linear pattern, and I think that all aspects of it need to be appreciated in order to continue growing and healing.