Cate Oxford

A poster like image that has a title of The Grand Budapest Hotel, There is two images featured, one of a library elevator that has a someone ridinging in it and the other of a person standing in a stair hallway

I have always been fascinated by and extremely passionate about movies. I think there is something completely magical and different about filmmaking as an art form, and I think the relationships we build with the movies we love are intimate and transformative. When you ask someone to talk about a film they love, they completely light up. It feels like they are telling you about a dear friend or a cherished bond. Movies become part of our inner circle, our childhood memories, and something that holds joy and can make you smile or dissolve into tears no matter what mood you are in. This series aims to visualize how our identities can be influenced by the films we admire through a collection of cross-disciplinary images that integrate the subject into the movie they love. Through collage, graphic design, typography, and photography, the subjects are completely intertwined with their favourite film, demonstrating the connection between the viewer and the movie that they love so dearly.