Seeing Others Seeing Ourselves

Avery Nielsen-Webb

This photo consists of the reflection of a man’s silhouette and the streetscape with several moving people and cars on the right side of the photo.

Through the use of play and many failures in the creative process I am proud to show my Seeing Others Seeing Ourselves (SOSO) project. All these failed attempts brought me to an immoderately creative project with not much soul to be found. However, the inclusion of a little life in the installation process brings new deeper meaning to the project while adding a more wholesome flow to the project. The main part of the project is the black and white photographs that were taken for SOSO. They are all printed out on SuperB matte to enhance the texture of each one of the photographs. Then the enhancements of the colored images are added from my archive to bring a pop to the full exhibition of the project. Before I realized that, this project that I built was very boring without some spice. The main idea was to have photographs of myself (selfies) while I see myself with others in the same frame. When put into a collage, it adds a finer appreciation to the composition.