Beyond Skin

Ashley Sebben

A close up of a person's profile of their face, a strong emphasis on their wrinkles and various textures of their face

Beyond Skin explores the growth and development of the female body. For many individuals, these changes they experience are startlingly leading us to criticize. Females, throughout their lives, tend to forget all the incredible ways our bodies are there for us. The combination of portrait and intimate detailed body parts creates a sense of self-realization. In society today, it is common to see aging as a negative experience. The change in the female figure or the development of textured skin can be seen as a flaw. Each line, scar, vein, and dimple that is present on the body is a reminder of how powerful and durable our bodies are. As many women and I grow older, I have found that it is important to value everything our bodies have done thus far and be thankful for the possibility of the future. Age is an experience that each individual should embrace.