Price: $150

Crafted as part of a campaign for yxvintage, The Dinner Party is a celebration of style and the power of self-expression. Through tableau photography, a dinner table is transformed into a stage for sartorial storytelling where conventional notions of opulence and exclusivity are challenged.

The curated collection of clothing showcased in this campaign encourages viewers to reevaluate contemporary society’s obsession with brand names and high price tags. The subjects, dressed head to toe in clothing sourced from yxvintage or their personal closets, embody the campaigns tagline of “you do not have to be wealthy to dress rich.” The campaign as a whole serves as a reminder that richness resides in the art of curating one’s unique identity as opposed to in one’s wallet.

The Dinner Party is a testament to fashion being irrespective of economic class. It is a call to reexamine the way we view fashion, and a reminder that fashion can be a tool for self-expression and empowerment regardless of one’s financial situation.