Just as Alice falls down the rabbit hole, I fall through tiers of my mind. Inspired by the mind-bending approach of surrealism, I was motivated to create a self-portrait series revolving around dreams and internal conflict through graphic compositions. Dream Theatre explores the theme of curiosity in which I encounter and attempt to escape from myself as personifications of my various thoughts: fear, love, death, good, and evil. 

I chose to use studio lighting to enhance the mood of each unique dreamscape and to provide the miniature sets I constructed with a sense of grandeur and scaled, stage-like reality. To reference the way in which theatre is viewed, each scene is shot from a straight-on perspective as if the images were being performed on a stage. The vertical sequencing and presentation via manual scrolling mechanism is intended to simulate the action of falling and emulate a strip of film, as well as allowing viewers to cycle through the series without a beginning or end.